i.MX515 Project
Retail-Oriented Kiosk

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proposed by candersononcue on 17th October 2012
Project Proposal
I propose a project that takes an iMX6-based board and uses it as a single board computer for a retail-oriented kiosk. This kiosk would perform the following tasks in a retail environment:

1. Perform price lookups based on barcode scans from a Honeywell or Symbol barcode scanner, using a serial or USB interface.

2. Print coupons using a USB printer.

3. Read credit card information for transactions, using a USB mag stripe reader.

4. Deliver multimedia content for movie previews, as a gateway to Netflix or a new movie rental kiosk service, similar to RedBox.

5. Connect to cloud services and send promotional flyers to smartphone users entering a store.

This system would be based around Arch or Debian ARM Linux, or Android 4.04+. My company would be interested in possibly purchasing an iMX6-based board, in large quantities, within the year.

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