Efika MX 6
Based around the i.MX6 chip from Freescale.

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Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 14th May 2013

DoudouLinux attended InterTice 2013 in Paris on the 6th and 7th
February. InterTice is a major event in France organized by the national
education to present IT solutions for schools. You can read online the
presentation we wrote for this event:

Online InterTice 2013 presentation.

We showed the coming version DoudouLinux 2.0 to several teachers or IT
advisors. All the reactions were very positive, even people who had
never heard of us, which is really great! We also heard that a town of
50,000 inhabitants near Paris, Sartrouville, switched all its nursery
schools to DoudouLinux.

by JMP
Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 10th August 2012

“Summertime, and the livin' is easy” (G. Gershwin), especially with DoudouLinux as you now know since this is our main goal ;). We've just uploaded several new dailybuilds to let you test our new features with your children during the long summer break.

You can download the dailybuilds from our Dailybuild download section. The file names follow the pattern doudoulinux-2012-06-*, LiveCD and LiveUSB images are available. We provide these builds in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. An ARM™ version for Genesi Efika is available as well, in English and French only:

FR Image : Azerty (Belgian) and French language default configuration.
EN Image : Qwerty (US) and English language default configuration.

NB: root password is still efika in ARM™ builds ;-).

Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 9th April 2012

A new Release of DoudouLinux for ARM™is available.

Built for Genesi Efika SmartBook/SmartTop.

Read more ont the DoudouLinux Official Blog : New DouDouLinux for ARM™ Released

Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 18th January 2012

Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 14th January 2012

Hy folks,

We're very glad to announce that our work to have DoudouLinux running on ARM™ devices has much progressed during the past few weeks. As shown on the photo below, we're now able to run the full DoudouLinux environment on the Efika MX smartbooks that Genesi graciously offered our project. Although not everything is perfect right now, this is an important step forward on our way to ARM™. We're now planning to upload a first Genesi/Efika disk image quite soon, to let enthusiastic people test and hopefully enjoy :).

The process is currently automated by scripts and some few manual steps :
- install custom kernel (build from Genesi/Efika git)
- root password
- imaging of the SD (4Go)

We are doing some tests and will hope to release an image soon.

Read More at [1]...

[1] DoudouLinux-environment-on-Genesi-Efika : we-did-it!
Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 4th December 2011

First step of DouDouLinux ARM story !

Custom debian armel generate successfully on the iMX.51 Genesi SmartBook.
With gnome 2 support and custom Linux Kernel.
Cross compilation of the Genesi Kernel and the iMX Video Driver (using libz160 from Freescale).

The SD used is live booting...

Stay Tuned !
Project: DoudouLinux Port (Linux Distributions)
posted by drEagle on 28th October 2011

DoudouLinux [1] is specially designed for children to make computer use as easy and pleasant as possible for them (and for their parents too! [2]).
DoudouLinux provides tens of applications that suit children from 2 to 12 years old and gives them an environment as easy to use as a gaming console.
Kids can learn, discover and have fun without Dad and Mum always watching!

[1] http://www.doudoulinux.org/
[2] Anyway, Dad and Mum will need to practice at night if they don’t want to feel too ridiculous!
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