i.MX515 Project
CRUX/ARM support (specific support for Genesi EfikaMX products)

in category Linux Distributions
proposed by acrux on 27th April 2011 (accepted on 28th April 2011)

Developers: Nik Mak, Victor Martinez, Jose V Beneyto
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  CRUX ARMHF (experimental) minor update
posted by acrux on 3rd August 2012

Just a small update before CRUX 3.0 as i'm going to work on the next toolchain (gcc-4.7.1, glibc-2.16) with PPL and Graphite support (ISL backend) and now also with LTO.

root@efikamx:/mnt/DEVEL# uname -a
Linux efikamx 3.4.2 #1 PREEMPT Sun Jun 10 16:53:27 CEST 2012 armv7l ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l) Genesi EfikaMX nettop GNU/Linux

Linux 3.4.x kernel is now able to be compiled/compressed in Thumb2 mode (faster to load).

binutils-2.22, gcc-4.6.3, eglibc-2.14.1
gmp-5.0.5, mpfr-3.1.1, mpc-1.0
ppl-1.0, cloog-0.17.0

It can be only used from serial terminal 'cause it uses a vanilla linux kernel.

Here my last development tree:

This is an unsupported release (only core repository) with an advanced/experimental toolchain.
Please, refer to crux-arm.nu for the stable and supported standard softfp/hardfp releases aligned with the x86 main project.
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