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CRUX/ARM support (specific support for Genesi EfikaMX products)

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proposed by acrux on 27th April 2011 (accepted on 28th April 2011)

Developers: Nik Mak, Victor Martinez, Jose V Beneyto
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  CRUX ARMHF new test image available
posted by acrux on 16th July 2011

CRUX ARMHF new test image available

I've uploaded some stuff thus you can review and start to play with.

It seems really stable and, now, the only trunk is binutils-(20110627). Now the toochain has Graphite support built-in.
binutils-2.21.52, gcc-4.6.1, eglibc-2.14
gmp-5.0.2-2, mpfr-3.0.1-p4, mpc-0.9
ppl-0.11.2, cloog-0.16.2

Only the kernel is dirty as it's built using a mix of some unreleased rtp's patches but is good enough to work on and to use an updated udev.

Known issues:
1) sdma doesn't work properly. Broken kernel driver.
2) alsa-utils does build but segfault. Broken kernel driver.

Here there is the latest toolchain and system:

crux-armhf-2.7-test1-2G_image.xz (887M)
- it's a full working MMC image of my machine that does use ilenia as
ports manager and overlay supervisor. Thus a 'man ilenia' could help.
It has the serial console and sshd enabled and a static IP
The 'root' pasword is 'cruxppc' as i've a lot of devel machines from
CRUX PPC project and i use to have the same root password everywhere.
The arm ports tree overlay is located 'as local' in /usr/ports/arm .

arm-ports.tar.bz2 (635K)
- it's an archive with ports from the arm overlay

core.tar.bz2 (99M)
opt.tar.bz2 (21M)
pkg.list (3.2K)
- they're archives with the built packages to install as chroot.

linux- (57K)
- it's the kernel config i used to build the "dirty" bootkernel

uImage (3.5M)
bootkernel-modules.tar.bz2 (779K)
- they'are boot kernel and modules/firmware

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