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proposed by czp on 2nd February 2009 (accepted on 1st June 2009)
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  openSUSE support
posted by czp on 24th June 2009

I got my board a while ago, and it did not rest much ever since. Even when I did not have time for testing, it was in use, as it has fantastic audio quality :-)

As the openSUSE ARM port is not there yet, that one could install it, I spent my time getting better known with the hardware, firmware and software available.

The board came pre installed with Ubuntu, so I first experimented with that.

Then I tried Debian. I had some troubles configuring Xorg, and other minor glitches, but for the rest it was a pleasant experience, and felt slightly faster and more responsive on the same hardware than Ubuntu.

I tested the Fedore ARM port, but gave up after half a day not being able to go ahead with it.

The Movial demo was really impressive on the board, HD movie playback, and other features of the board demoed. Of course, this is not a Linux designed for hacking, but rather a nice interface for a PMP, so I quickly switched back to Debian.

Today I reached an important milestone: the first self compiled kernel is running. As a first step, I added support for an USB Ethernet converter, as I prefer to use Ethernet instead of WiFi. This is also an important step towards openSUSE support, as to install and boot openSUSE on the board, I need a custom configured kernel to the distributions need.
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