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Efika 5200B Project
GSM-based internet connection using GPRS/EDGE with Efika/MorphOS/Linux

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proposed by SnakeArtworX on 10th January 2007
Project Proposal
The Idea:
Testing the GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modems for use with Efika under
various operating systems.

My previous project was how to connect and use a GPRS pc cards with
classic Amiga systems (A600 and A1200). It was successfull. My
expanded A1200 has a wireless GPRS internet connection. During
this project I\'ve learned enough about GSM-based internet transmission,
so I\'ve planned to port this solution to other platforms.
The complete A1200 GPRS solution could be found here:

I\'m a advanced Amiga user for almost 15 years,and member of
\"The Blue Suns\" software group (www.tbs-software.com/snakeartworx).

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