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Slackintosh: a powerpc Slackware linux port

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proposed by sid77 on 2nd January 2007
Project Proposal
I\'m a developer of the unofficial powerpc Slackware linux port, Slackintosh, and my main task is to port back in changes made into Slackware-current.
The project main goal is to provide a powerpc clone of the original x86 based distribution but we\'re also working on adding special powerpc-based packages and extras like gnash, a free flash player, a powerpc build of latest OpenOffice.org or support for 64bit processors.
I\'m also the mantainer of the powerpc version of linux-live scripts, a suite of progranms and scripts used to boot linux live cds.
Adding an EFIKA machine will enable us to provide better support for non-apple hardware in general and help the development of powerpc based linux live distributions.
Slackintosh site
Linux-live for powerpc

Project Blog Entries

  Slackintosh 12.0 on EFIKA!
posted by sid77 on 6th August 2007

thanks to Ben Hjelt efforts, EFIKA successfully runs Slackintosh 12.0, instructions here: http://wiki.workaround.ch/kakiwaki/wk.jsp?P='EFIKA'

Now that we've at least one user with a !powermac board we can start integrating needed software and kernel support into our -current tree, EFIKA will probably be supported in our next stable release.
  Slackintosh 12.0 is out
posted by sid77 on 18th July 2007

We finally made it :)
Slackintosh 12.0 is out (and last minute patches too, obviously)! Read the release announcement here.
However is still a powermac only release, we're going to add EFIKA and PS3 platform support but we're lacking hw resources, does anyone want to chime in?
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