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Efika 5200B Project
Efika Retro Station

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proposed by Bladerunner on 28th November 2006
Project Proposal
The Efika Retro Station Project consists of two parts:

Hardware Case
Due its small form Factor, it should be possible to put the Efika Board in almost every case from the last 20 Years of Computers and Consoles.
The goal should be to integrate the system peripherals as close as possible to the original, For example put efika into an Amiga 600/1200 Computer,
it should be possible to use the original keyboard and digital Joysticks, or when put it into a Nintendo/Sega Console, it should be possible to reuse
the modul slot with a customized usb card reader and so on.

The Operating System for the Retro Station should be MorphOS, as it is fast and flexible, which gives a big advantage to build a custom system for the Retro Station.
First Step is to fully strip down MorphOS (e.g. get rid of MorphOS\' Desktop Ambient) so it can instantly launch a given application.
The Next Step should be to glue existing emulators together, using the fantastic Multimedia Language Hollywood
Hollywood is allready available for all Amiga Operating Systems, thus making it easy to use it for such a project.

In the long Term, the whole project should provide a Plattform for Retro Gaming Fans, with Instructions on how to build the proper casing,
and Installing an easy to use Operating System which instantly launches the System you want it to be.

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