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BarsnPipes - The multimedia-MIDI-sequencer

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proposed by alfajbp on 27th November 2006
Project Proposal
BarsnPipes is the best and most comfortable Multimedia-MIDI-sequencer ever made for the AMIGA computer family. It has been successful ported and furtherdeveloped by me in the past years to MorphOS on PEGASOSI and OS4 on ľA1. It is a musical software, wich still benefits the needs of professionals.
On the different platforms it is using the serial port, gameport or USB port for transmission of MIDI-signals.
It was first made by the Blue Ribbon Inc., which are known as the inventors for the Direct Audio system on Windows (later enhanced to DirectX). They laved Microsoft in 2002 and founded the most innovative audio-software company NewBlue Inc. (www.newblueinc.com).

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