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PowerD programming language

in category Applications & Software
proposed by mark-tbs on 14th November 2006
Project Proposal
PowerD project is modern programming language based on AmigaE programming language with many new features and abilities. It\'s working under AmigaOS and MorphOS, but it would be really interesting to see it under a small computer like EFIKA. More information on:


PowerD has it\'s own history, it\'s written from scratch, and so it hasn\'t limitations like others, most of it\'s features came from ideas of other languages, but usualy it\'s more extended, than the original. It doesn\'t meed all the rescrictions, but it enhances them in an interesting way... and fore more... it\'s really simple to write some proggies with it...

If You want to know more, don\'t hesitate to contact me.

As I have a Pegasos1 and 2 machines at home, I\'d like to get the EFIKA board to be able to develop this project everywhere I need, as it\'s small and mobile.

Bye, MarK.

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