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Efika 5200B Project
MorphNet file/web server at the university

in category Operating Systems
proposed by Sprocki on 31st October 2006
Project Proposal
As I work at the computer center at the Freie Universitaet of Berlin, Germany I can place a server in our data center that acts as a web and file server for MorphOS relevant software and related information to collect them under one shelf. At the moment, you have to sort out Aminet, MorphZone, Pegasosforum and some more web and news pages to find out which software is new to MorphOS. A centralized page like Aminet but only for MorphOS applications, installation guides and much more is still not available although MorphOS exists for years. So it is time to set up a dedicated system for that purpose. For sure, this can be run on any usual x86 box with any usual mass OS but wouldn\'t it make sense and the most impression to see it running on that platform that it is dedicated to?

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