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Port JayOS

in category Operating Systems
proposed by Dmitrij Kozhevnikov on 31st October 2006
Project Proposal
JayOS is a liveCD distrib intended for use as a more secure mobile environment. It integrates in-RAM filesystem encryption with plausible deniabiliy for a system that can be difficult to alter without rebuilding. This offers a user with a high degree of data integrity; since all filesystems are either static or encrypted, the system is resistant to physical attacks.
The user can choose at boot time what kind of filesystem to use and from where it should be read. Since components can be spread over hard disks, read-only media, and removable storage, this compounds the difficulty of proving what is encrypted swap, what is an encrypted filesystem, and what is simply random data.
Main features - 2.6 kernel, unionfs, many network security and filesystem tools, UML, and QEMU.
JayOS already avaible for x86, PowerPC, ARM, Sparc, and x86_64 processors.

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