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Debian/m68k buildd and developer machine

in category Operating Systems
proposed by cts on 29th October 2006
Project Proposal
Debian/m68k has problems keeping up with other arches in the project and is at risk as being kicked out of future releases. We have been experimenting with cross-compiling, the kernel is being cross-compiled since a couple of years already, we are starting to use distcc to speed up the slower buildd machines by using the m68k box for preprocessing and performing the actual compilation via cross-compilation on the faster machine. A low-power ppc machine should speed up the m68k buildd significantly. In a second step, the m68k buildd could be run via emulation on ppc hardware, the atari emulator aranym can already boot linux-m68k and has a working network emulation. By using cross-compilation on the ppc host, the slow m68k emulation could achieve speeds at least equivalent to the fastest m68k machines available. In any case this would give us a low-power \"m68k\" machine, which can still be bought new, solving another problem m68k suffers from.

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