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Efika 5200B Project
EFIKA in A600 Case, connecting to A600 PSU, Internal USB Floppy and USB Keyboard over Keyrath

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proposed by MegamanX_4ThArmor on 25th October 2006
Project Proposal
I Want to Get the EFIKA in the Original A600 Case. The EFIKA seems to be small enough, so it will Fit beside a Keyrath A600-Keyboard-to-USB Adapter, a Internal Powerconverter to Connect the Original Amiga PSU to the EFIKA-600. I\'m Going to use a VGA Card with Integrated TV Encoder (S-VHS Out)for a better Amiga Feeling. As a replacement for the Original A600 Floppystation i want to add an USB Floppydrive with Modifications so that it can be Used Internally. I\'m going to use a Flashdisk as Harddisk to Save Power and Space. To get the VGA Card better fitted i\'m going to use a PCI-Cable to get the VGA on the Side of the EFIKA, not on Top of it (Witch looks like this: http://www.comp-creation.de/bilder/Relocaion-Riser.jpg)

As Operating System i want to use MorphOS with Patches to get the old AmigsOS 3.9 Workbench running on Top of MOS, if this doesn\'t work i will use a Tiny Linux that will me Modificated to boot Directly in E-UAE with AOS 3.9.

The Benefit of this is to bring back the Original Amiga Feeling, but with a More Powerfull System that is able todo Todays Work, but with a Nostalgic Look of the Systems Housing. It could be a very Compact system that gets along with the User on Holydays/Vacation, bacause its in the Small A600 Case, a A1200 Case would have Problems in Most bags but the 600\'s Case will easly Fit in a backpack along with a LCD Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard

Sorry for my Bad English!

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