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Efika 5200B Project
Power ATA NG

in category Hardware
proposed by Dmitrij Kozhevnikov on 13th October 2006
Project Proposal
From 2001 to 2002 years I developed a board that named Power ATA 2000 - it`s consists ide speedup, 4xIDE, 40 and 44 pin device full support at ATA bus. And that`s all for amiga 600 and 1200. But amiga market is very small to the end of 2002 year. I made a prototype, thats works today on amiga 1200 and closed the project.
Efika have full ATA4 standart ata bus and may supports two devices on bus. I want to redeveloped my board to use it in efika.
Name of the new project is Power ATA NG - board may support two 44 or two 40 pin ata devices, or one 40 and one 44 pin ata devices - as you want. It`s like some 2.5->3.5 adaptors, but in very small form factor and fits between 44 pin and 2.5 ide on efika board.
All source of the project I make freeware - shematics, .cad files and others.

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