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Efika 5200B Project
PPC Plasma TV! MorphOS for EFIKA!

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proposed by AMBER^INC on 30th January 2006
Project Proposal
I was thinking these soc boards are small enough to put in the back of large 50\" plasma tv sets and use the tv psu have a large hd tv in and out and you can recorded tv dvd\'s pause tv and use MorphOS in your living room with wireless ky/mouse or trackpad to surf the web and play games email etc.

there would be no computer on show just a large tv with dvi input but with all the fucyionality of a usable desktop computer. also it would be nice to have wireless lan and blutooth for connectivity.

I think this idea should have been performed ages ago but yet still no company has done it yet....Apple are close with the g5 imac design but now way near a 50\" plasma with ppc computer inside running MorphOS/Linux!!



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