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Efika 5200B Project
^E-BABY^ EFiKA Intelligent Media Centre with MorphOS & Linux!

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proposed by AMBER^INC on 29th January 2006
Project Proposal
Hi. Me Robert Lee O\'Neill of Amber-inc.com and Geof Charra have come up with a nice little portable, car rackable, desktop, living room, the EMPX or similarlike IMP as for small and intelligent media player -x- (Linux).

I was thinking another good name for such a computer could be \"E-BABY\" E for Efika and BABY becuase its nice a cute and tiny.

A light linux with Freevo or mythtv frontend.

The case is really nice and simple to take apart and the design is beatifull. the case had a blue lcd playlister and two light up blue led buttons. The case is made up of two parts the black solid base and a removable aluminium cover which clips off when both sides are pushed in. when you remove the cover the front comes forward and the lcd and leds stays there but the casing slides off easyliy without disconnecting wires or anything just place it over the front and slide it back and it clips in on springs.

We were thinking of having a little remote so you can sit and relax or what would be really cool is if you had a portable laptop touchpad with scroll two buttons and shortcuts for like tv, dvd, email & web.

We have designed the case along side the Media Centre case and added two beautifull blue leds and a blue lcd display.

It would be quite easy to get something looking good.

Once we have the two boards we can get to work on ordering some parts ie lcd button extra and plastic/aluminium and the gpu and hd and slotloader dvd-rw.

You can have a look at our new webpage dedicated to the EmpX
and you can find loads of diagrams and pictures on Power.org.

We will be announcing the website as soon as it is finalised.

THERE is now another group member called \"Frostworks\" that makes the LiveCD\'s for pegasos and he want to make one for the EFIKA!!

Here is a demo website for now:^EFiKA^

Robert O\'Neill and Geoff Charra

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