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Efika 5200B Project
Software 3D-system

in category Graphics & 3D
proposed by britelite on 25th October 2006 (accepted on 27th October 2006)
Project Summary
As I\'m currently writing my master\'s thesis on programming 3D-systems on low-performance platforms, using the 68k-platform as reference, it would also be interesting to port and try out the system on the Efika (and ofcourse other similar devices). The whole system would also be used for demoscene-productions that could be ported to linux and hopefully morphos, and therefore could be run on the Efika too.

Project Blog Entries

  A little update
posted by britelite on 16th June 2008

Haven't written anything here for a while, so I decided to give you all a little update on what's going on. First off some good news: I finished my master's thesis and it got accepted, so now I'm finally finished with my studies :)

Seems like MorphOS will finally come out for the Efika, hopefully still this month. The 3D-engine has already been up and running on 68k-based Amigas for quite a while, and I've rewritten most parts in both C and Asm, so that it's easy to compile a version for different platforms from the C-sources, while 68k-programs can use the assembler-parts for better speed. So as soon as I have MorphOS on my Efika, I'll do a pure ppc-port of my demoengine for it.

  Still waiting for MorphOS
posted by britelite on 14th October 2007

As the title says, I'm still waiting for MorphOS to be finished and released for the Efika, so that I can finally start coding on it. I ported the symbian-demo to the Playstation Portable, and it runs really nicely, even without any kind of hardware-acceleration. So I would expect similar, if not better, speeds from the Efika.

And in case anyone's interested, I finally got my Bachelors Degree in computer science some time ago. I actually wrote the bachelors paper almost two years ago, but there were some credits missing for some courses that finally got added to the register. And I of course wrote the paper on the same subject as my Masters Thesis :)
  Waiting for MorphOS and going mobile
posted by britelite on 10th August 2007

Been a while since my last update, but now I've got some real news.

I've now rewritten the 3D-system in C++, using all the same techniques and limitations of the 68k-version. So now it's portable to basically any platform, and can easily be converted to regular C. The 3D-system was actually showcased in my mobile-demo at Assembly'07, running on a Nokia S60-phone, where it won the mobile-democompo.

Still waiting to get MorphOS for the Efika, because I'm now eager to port the demo (and thus the whole 3D-system) for it. I will probably also port it to Linux, but I'd like to do the MorphOS-port first.
  3D for the people
posted by britelite on 17th April 2007

As I said in my previous post, the 68k-version of the engine is running fine on classic Amigas. I even used parts of it in my two contributions to the amiga-compos at the Breakpoint-demoparty, held in Germany during Easter. I'm also trying to complete a new amiga-demo for the Simulaatio5-demoparty, which will be held in the middle of May.

Actually doing these demos revealed some new bugs, which is ofcourse a good thing, as I'm able to iron them out now. The next step after the bugs are gone is ofcourse to improve my demosystem to use RTG and AHI, instead of banging the amiga-hardware directly. The 3D-engine itself is ofcourse coded cleanly, so the task should be fairly easy. After that it should be possible to enjoy my demos on MorphOS-machines, hopefully including the Efika by the time I'm ready :)
  Another update
posted by britelite on 28th March 2007

Ok, I've now bought all stuff for the efika, and it's up and running at home. If I could still get MorphOS for it, everything would be just fine :)

The project has been moving along pretty slowly due to me having some personal issues. But things are looking brighter soon, and hopefully I'll be working full steam ahead in the near future. The amiga-version of the 3D-engine is working fine, so the next step, besides some fixing here and there, would be to rewrite the thing in pure C for portability.
  Efika is working!
posted by britelite on 18th January 2007

A few weeks ago I was finally able to borrow a gfx-card from a friend of mine, and thus I was able to test the Efika. Got Debian Linux installed on it and everything seems to be working fine. Now I just need to save up some money for an own gfx-card and things like a new PSU and a new harddrive, as my economic situation has been pretty bad lately. But hopefully things are looking better in the future :)
  Efika has arrived!
posted by britelite on 24th December 2006

So this Tuesday my Efika finally arrived. Haven't had the time to set it up yet, but will probably do that after Christmas, when I've bought a suitable gfx-card and a new USB-keyboard :)
  Status report and first entry
posted by britelite on 14th November 2006

Well well, the coding on my system is going on quite nicely, and I'd say I'm over halfway through at the moment. The most important things are implemented already, but its of course the fine-adjustments that usually take up most of the time :)
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