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Efika 5200B Project
Video VoIP Call through TV with USB Camera & Remote Cable Viewing

in category Telephony
proposed by gbpnkans on 14th October 2006 (accepted on 18th October 2006)
Project Summary
I would like to use to make a video call through a H.264 webcam and watching in TV with duplex conversation. The software and applications used will be MythTV and Asterisk PBX.

I also want to extend the application to watch my cable connection in home country to the country where I live in. All sources and applications build will be released under GPL open source.

Project Blog Entries

  Received card and Asterisk 1.4 Successfully working with TDM400P
posted by gbpnkans on 11th February 2007


I have received the efika card long back and was tightly held up with official work. I got the Asterisk 1.4 successfully working with efika. I have a PCI riser Issue, i will hopefully sort it out soon. PCI is much needed to make a call through voip and initiate a video call and audio call. Audio can go through TDM400P and Video can go through a webcam which may need a pci riser. Will update with the next milestone done here.

I love efika, since this small toy does good job with less problems compared to other embedded devices.

  Received the small Kitty
posted by gbpnkans on 20th December 2006

Received the Board and trying to setup. I will also blog the difficulties i faced during the setup of the device. Thanks to power developer and genesi for the small kitty board.
  Fedex Confirmation Received
posted by gbpnkans on 15th December 2006

I have been notified that the motherboard is shipped through fedex. I will keep updated here once I receive the board. Thanks to genesi and power developer. (ppczone when i register).
  Waiting for card still
posted by gbpnkans on 6th December 2006

I have not received any email or any information regarding this project. I'm not working on this until i receive the card. In case card is not received, I will update here and close this project.
  Waiting for card from ppczone
posted by gbpnkans on 3rd November 2006


I'm preparing the source code for the application which is approved for the EFIKA Program. As soon as I receive it I will keep things updated here.


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