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Efika 5200B Project
Network Traffic generator in EFIKA/Linux

in category Applications & Software
proposed by Krishna on 10th August 2006 (accepted on 7th October 2006)
Project Summary
EFIKA will an ideal system for generating network traffic and
monitoring the network, the pupose of the tool is for generating ,sniffing , filtering, monitoring the network packet , this will be useful for testing network appliances and high end server for stability in network.

The purpose of the project is running a application in linux operating system that can be configured serial port to generate traffic via other ports and also to monitor the health of the network.

The source code includes

1. Linux Kernel Drivers
2. Application code running in EFIKA
3. Application code running in PC/Linux

All source codes will be released under GPL.

Project Blog Entries

  GNU/uClinux porting to PPC/EFIKA
posted by Krishna on 7th October 2006

Started the Project Hurray :)
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