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Efika 5200B Project
Advanced Linux based router

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proposed by Subway on 29th August 2006 (accepted on 7th October 2006)
Project Summary

An easy-to-use router with advanced features such as -
* Static and Dynamic Routing (NAT, BGP, OSPF..)
* Traffic Shaping and QoS (CBQ, TBF..)
* VLAN (802.1Q)
* Logging and Testing (rate, latency, loss..)
* DHCP, SNMP, VPN and lots more.

I have access to big-name vendor switches and routers for function and compability testing.

Project Blog Entries

  Power Project
posted by Subway on 27th June 2007

My project have been awarded Genesi Power Project! This will get me working even harder on those(hopefully not so)rainy summer days. Maybe I'll call the project EFIKA ROUTER from now on. :)

I've been working on web management, proxy, sample configurations(for NAT, QoS, ...) and other fun stuff.

This is all I have time for now.

By the way, PUSH has great! Will write more on this later.
posted by Subway on 14th June 2007

No need to wait until PUSH, there will probably be lot's to do there anyway. :)

Download v. 0.0.3 here (5.2M).

# boot hd:X adapt-0.0.3

Username/password: root/root
  PUSH and 0.0.3
posted by Subway on 10th June 2007

I've completed version 0.0.3 and going to release it as soon as I get to Gothenburg and PUSH next week.

Quick overview:

- Linux
- uClibc 0.28
- Busybox 1.6.0
- Iptables 1.3.7
- Dropbear 0.49
- Tcpdump 3.9.5
- Libpcap 0.9.5
- Iperf 2.0.2
- Nmap 4.20
and lot's more..

Done some testing with my latest build. I only have 2x eth interfaces so what I've done is a "vlan-on-a-stick" setup with great results.

This is not the most bandwidth efficient setup, did it this way so the EFIKA got to route all traffic between the hosts.
posted by Subway on 14th January 2007

For the past week I've had the flu. I usually never get sick, but this time it was bad.

Anyhow, I'm feeling mutch better now and have some new ideas for my project. I've realized that putting togheter a "router-os" from scratch is quite timeconsuming and that I need to do some sort of plan what to implement next and so on.

There are still some fixes that need to be done in the kernel, onboard ethernet for example, I'll focus on this today.

When thats done I'll merge the kernel with my lates build. And again, if you have any comments on the project I'll be glad to answer them.
posted by Subway on 6th January 2007

2006-12-31 - Adapt-0.0.1 (2.8M) - Happy 2007, 802.1Q support

2007-01-03 - Adapt-0.0.2 (4.0M) - Iptables added. The system now mounts read-write so it's quite usable. The kernel supports all major filesystems so you can format, mount and chroot. There's a lot of tools on there, put it on your HDD or USB-stick to find out. :)

# boot adapt-x.y.z (no need for any extra kernel arguments)

One thing - There's no gfxcard-support, you should use the PCI-slot for extra network interface card. :)

If you have any comments on the project, you can discuss them here
posted by Subway on 18th December 2006

I've got everything up and running, very excited! Still looking for another quad nic, untill I find a suitable one I'll go with 2 * 10/100.

First pic -

Holidays coming, prepare for updates. :)
posted by Subway on 7th November 2006

Received my quad NIC the other day, have a look..

2006-12-11 Update - the DFE-570TX need 5v PCI-bus and the EFIKA supports 3.3v, have to find another NIC.
posted by Subway on 4th November 2006

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