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Efika 5200B Project
Nemesis desktop for MorphOS

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proposed by MaaG^dA on 11th February 2006
Project Proposal
Nemesis is a new desktop MorphOS. This is MUI application and it\'s completly replacment for Ambient (Workbech).
Small \"kernel\" class with plugin system (other/external class) brings easy for extensons deskop.
It uses many \"features\" from Scalos and Dopus/Magellan.. and more..

I think about ported it for Efika - if on this hardware Morphos will be avaible.
Very first Nemesis shot you find at http://www.mguc.republika.pl/obrazki/nemesis.png.

Project Blog Entries

  The end ?
posted by MaaG^dA on 21st February 2007

Today I canceled Nemesis destop as project for Efika boards.
  Nemesis.. what about..
posted by MaaG^dA on 3rd August 2006

still in progress.. but now small and fast summer holidays..
See you later.. soon.. ppa
  Nemesis prefs - still not finished :(
posted by MaaG^dA on 26th April 2006

New layout of preferences software for nemesis is almost ready. See on it here (as usually): http://www.mguc.republika.pl/obrazki/nemesis1.png
  Nemesis on Pegasos and Efika boards :)
posted by MaaG^dA on 20th March 2006

Nemesis desktop shots: http://www.mguc.republika.pl/obrazki/nemesis.png
and here NemesisPrefs application:
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