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The unrelenting growth and mostly uncoordinated advances across the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry have created an opportunity-rich marketing environment for the Open Client. In the midst of change, there is considerable convergence and the blurring of traditional industry boundaries.

  • Bandwidth is being managed better as broadband networks continue to grow
  • Computing performance is becoming a function of efficiency
  • Computer Systems are being replaced by Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC)
  • Operating Systems are becoming manageable commodities
  • Open source applications are creating options beyond established solutions
  • Solution customization has become the key differentiator for ICT providers

The compounded implications of many variables in constant flux requires a deep understanding of the industry and a solid foundation of technology partners. In this complex environment Genesi can offer a unique, but proven, enterprise-computing solution that projects a visible and defensible differentiator in the ICT marketplace. The resulting package is especially capable of adapting to the evolution of technology and industry while providing a swift and efficient means to leverage our existing resources and to develop and commercialize new products and services. The driving force of this strategy is the progressive removal of complexity from the user. The user experience will remain responsive and familiar, yet flexible to evolve. This will be accomplished with a remotely configurable SoC-based solution. At the enterprise level resources will be consolidated where they are best managed through the use of Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (EDV). Wisely balancing the needs of the user against the requirements of the enterprise, the Open Client has achieved a market-leading solution that dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and allows for customers to chose between a number of server and service providers.

VDI Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
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